JPII Quote Friday Night

Welcome youth ministers and others who are invested in the well being of the young Catholics in the Madison Diocese! We’re happy to have you. Feel free to browse this page and the rest of the MCY website!

If you’re here for St. John Bosco Day, welcome! We’re excited to have you. Click the link below to join in on the live feed for the day. If you have any questions, just e-mail Lindsay (, and we’ll have someone get back to you to help your with tech related questions as best as we can!

To access the feed: CLICK HERE!

As you’ll read in the feed, some of the documents we’re using today are linked below. Feel free to download and/or print them, so you can be ready to fully participate.

2016 St. John Bosco Planning Day Documents
Handout Package

2015 St. John Bosco Planning Day Documents
Keynote Handouts
Handouts + Worksheets
Catechetical Review (Pages 6-7, 25)

2014 St. John Bosco Youth Day Documents
Five Thresholds Definitions