Freshly Brewed, Episode 81: Chompin’ At the Bit


Summer is here and we are chompin’ at the bit (aka super excited) for what is to come! We’ve arrived at the end of our second season but we’re here with a great finale! In this episode, all four hosts discuss highlights and memories from the year of podcasting and share tips on how to make the most of your summer! Follow the link below for some fun inspiration and be on the lookout for our special summer episodes straight from Camp Gray and the mission field of Love Begins Here! We are already looking forward to next season, see you soon!

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Freshly Brewed, Episode 37: Nothing To Sneeze At

Friends! It’s been quite an experience recording the first season of Freshly Brewed! We’ve learned a lot, shared a lot, and can’t wait to see what the future holds! As this is the last episode of the season before the hosts take a brief break for the summer, we thought it’d be appropriate to share with y’all some crazy stats from the podcast, favorite memories, give some shoutouts to our rockin’ listeners, and raffle off a Freshly Brewed T-Shirt! Listen here for some laughs with Lindsay, Chris, and Sara! Stay tuned as Chris will be recording a blowout Camp Gray pod in June and Lindsay and Sara will be releasing an epic Love Begins Here pod in July! Weekly Freshly Brewed episodes will resume late August! Until then, feel free to listen to earlier pods here! We wish you a very happy summer, friends! Peace!

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The Religious Sense – Luigi Giussani 

Make An Impact This Summer

10 Ways Not To Lose Your Faith This Summer








Freshly Brewed: Episode 6 – Bless Us for the Journey

Bless Us for the Journey

Howdy friends! As Camp Gray continues to have huge impacts on individuals’ pursuits of holiness we decided to hear from the perspective of a long time camper, Erin Moran! Listen here as Chis talks with Erin about the many different programs Camp offers and how each different experience has played a role in how Erin continues to strive for sainthood!

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Camp Gray Summer 2015 Schedule

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Come. Go.

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It’s 55 degrees outside right now. I know we are a mere twenty days away from the great Solemnity of Christmas, but I cannot help feel like [or wish that] Spring is settling in. It is always at this time of year that I start to get restless. I have been in the office so many days in a row. I only work with young people on occasional weekends. I feel removed from the joy, hard work, laughter and conversion that I’ve have become accustomed to during the summer months of Love Begins Here.

Love Begins Here
1. an apostolate of the Catholic Diocese of Madison’s OEC, that works to provide Middle School + High School youth with an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ in a life changing way through weeklong, local Mission Trips where they live in Catholic community and continue His work on earth
2. “The best week of my life.” – 2012 Mission Trip Participant
3. “Fun. Exciting. Spiritually uplifting. Something I look forward to all year. A place to meet friends. A place to see old friends. A place of prayer. A lesson in religion. A challenge. Pleasant memories. Full of people like me. Life changing. Worth it. Strengthening. UNFORGETTABLE.” – 2012 Mission Trip Participant

To help fill this void, I make to do lists of dozens of things to do to prepare for the summer. What makes the top of the list is entirely dependent on what will help set the tone for this next leg of the journey. (It’s already our 5th summer!) To begin the sharing of what this next summer holds, Love Begins Here would like to formally announce the 2013 Summer Theme.

Come. Go.

Quote - Blog 1This theme came about in a number of ways.

1. The Pope has declared the World Youth Day 2013 theme to be, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” His message for the occasion is incredible. It is packed with solid catechesis and information on forming young disciples. This obviously fits well in with Love Begins Here.

2. Cardinal Dolan has been quoting this piece of good advice from Venerable Fulton Sheen again and again, during this Year of Faith. Love Begins Here is looking forward to sharing this call to conversion, which is so crucial for this Year of Faith, with our young missionaries.

3. It defines the two fundamental aspects of Love Begins Here. COME – LBH focuses on everyone developing a relationship with Jesus Christ and encountering his love. GO – LBH works to spread His love to those in need and the community we are living in.

4. We think our missionaries will like this. And, we hope that it will be a memorable one that will remain in our minds and hearts for years to come!

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!