Freshly Brewed, Episode 32: Spontaneous Combustion

As the anniversary of the canonization of Saint John Paul II approaches, the Freshly Brewed hosts got together to talk about one of the Saint’s biggest messages to the youth, “Be not afraid”! Along with reminiscing about Chris’ experience being at the actual canonization in Italy, Chris, Lindsay, and Sara talk about some of their fears and how they find freedom in surrendering these fears to the Lord! Listen here for some laughs and inspiration!

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Saint John Paul II’s homily for the inauguration of his pontificate

Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves – Jason Evert

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Freshly Brewed, Episode 27: Stay Awake – Holy Thursday

Happy Thursday to you all! The Freshly Brewed Hosts are so excited to release the first of three Easter Triduum Podcasts! Today Chris offers some reflections on Holy Thursday, tomorrow Sara will cover Good Friday and Saturday Lindsay will talk about Holy Saturday! Today Chris reflects on the happenings and history of Holy Thursday and how it inspired a special experience for him on a trip to Rome during Holy Week!

Listen here to dive into the first part of the Easter Triduum! Processed with VSCOcam with x3 preset SHOWNOTES Holy Thursday reflection

Freshly Brewed: Episode 4 – Our Catholic Family Tree

Episode 4.2

This week Chris “Topher” Aderhold interviews two seminarians from the Diocese of Madison who are studying in Rome! Rome, Italy that is! The dapper trio discuss their epic adventure in pursuing the heart of Camp Gray that led them all the way to Ireland! In reminiscing about this journey they reflect on the larger reality of our connection in the present to historical events in the past in regards to our faith. Their thoughts and experiences are truly inspiring as they remind us of the power and strength our faith draws from the history and tradition found in the Catholic Church as well as the similar experiences we all share in our pursuit of sainthood! You won’t want to miss this entertaining and enlivening podcast, listen here!

Episode 4.4


Host: Chris “Topher” Aderhold

Guests: Joseph Baker and Bill Van Wagner

Monsignor Francis Xavier Gray

The Vatican Scavi below St. Peter’s Basilica

Men in Blazers

Bucky’s 5th Quarter

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Pope St. Pius X

Liturgy of the Hours

Frassati Fest – DAY 2 of Awesomeness!


Welcome friends! We are super jazzed to bring to you today a guest blog entry from Danielle Amundson (left — you know Erin on the right from yesterday), who is a Junior from Waunakee, WI. The following is a preview of her article appearing in the Catholic Herald this week.

I will never forget my first Resurrection Rally. As a freshman, I was nervous, especially since I didn’t know the girls from my parish well. But on the ride to the Chula Vista, the Oreos and smiles appeared, and neither left throughout the weekend. The weekend was a beautiful blur of meeting new people, riding water slides, singing, learning, and praising God.

My favorite memory from the weekend was Saturday night.  We all got dressed nicely for Mass, but first there was adoration and Confession. I watched the line for Confession grow and snake along the back of the room. It was breathtaking to see so many teens want to mend their relationship with Jesus.

A few leaders held Lectio Divina in a nearby room. My best friend from another parish and I decided to go. I had heard the scriptures from that weekend countless times before, but this opened my eyes so much more. Different phrases stood out to each person, and as everyone explained how they interpreted the Gospel, I learned so much.

At the end, I remember my friend and I walking towards each other, and we both were so moved by the Holy Spirit that we began to cry and hug each other. As freshmen. In a room filled with people we didn’t know. Neither of us felt embarrassed. Neither of us said a word, but we both experienced the same joy and love in that moment.

Although you may not find yourself crying at Frassati Fest this year, I recommend the experience to any high school student. It will be a weekend filled with faith, fun, and friends, and it won’t disappoint.

Thanks for sharing your GREAT story Danielle! In the midst of this busy season preparing for Christmas, we hope you remember some good advice from our patron —

Keep Calm