Freshly Brewed, Episode 80: A Beacon of Light

10256621_10153333769907975_2293078792400912984_o (1).jpgHappy Thursday indeed! We are stoked to have the one and only Meghan Bonham on the pod with us this week! Meghan has been a long time camper and counselor at Camp Gray as well as both a missionary and now Core Team member on Love Begins Here! In this pod Meghan shares a little about her experience transitioning from high school to college and how she kept growing in her relationship with God by sharing her faith with peers and friends at UW-Madison! Follow the link below for some tips on how to remain faithful and passionate about spreading the light of Christ to those around you!

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7 Tips for Surviving Your First Week of College (Without Losing Your Faith!)


Freshly Brewed, Episode 34: What’s Your Why?

May has officially arrived! Graduation caps and gowns are being ordered and acceptance letters have arrived! This is a big season for a lot of us so we thought it would be awesome to invite a dear friend, Tim Chaptman to guest-star on the pod! Tim is a Camp Gray alumnus and current Assistant Director of Campus Ministry for the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center at the University of Kansas! Listen here as Chris talks with Tim about the art of living well and more specifically, how to search for authentic community while transitioning into college life!




7 tips for surviving your first week of college!

Avoiding the Freshman 15 of the Spiritual Life

Prayer to St. Josemaría Escrivá

St. John Paul II’s prayer to God for Guidance

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As we go on… Catholic Graduation Season

JPII Graduation - John Paul II - World Youth Day 1986

Graduation season is upon us. Whether you have loved ones graduating from college or high school, there are celebrations to be had, choices to face and inspiration to be given.

Thanks to Lifeteen, we’ve rounded up some great blog posts to share with the graduates in your life, or anyone gearing up for summer vaca!
– How to avoid the Senior Scramble?
– What kind of choices will you make at graduation?
10 Fun Things to Do This Summer
10 More Fun Things to Do This Summer

Also, we have a resource to give you. This is the synthesized list (from our spring Regional Gatherings) of GREAT ideas on how to celebrate graduates in our parishes and reach out to them as they leave home this summer! Download your copy of this Graduate Advice. If you’ve got anything to add, be in touch.

To the class of 2014, it is our prayer that you move on to do very great things – big or small – with great love for the Lord.