CATHOLIC BUZZFEED: 9 Tips for Growth in Holiness

This week’s Freshly Brewed SHOWNOTES are taking on a slightly different form. Listen to the podcast this week and hear Lindsay and guest star, Bekah, create this Buzzfeed-esque list of tips for growing in holiness.

9 Tips for Growth in Holiness
Created especially for our high school and college age friends. 

1. God gives us our daily bread, not the whole loaf.
Trust in God’s plan for you, day by day. You will likely not have your entire life laid out before you in prayer. Following His will, most often, happens in little ways each and every day.


2. Be watching for whales.
God wants to shower you with graces every day, but if we’re waiting for something so specific, we may miss these gifts. Watch for the ways God surprises you and loves you each day. (Listen to the podcast to get the full story.)

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3. Take off your negative knickers, put on your positive panties.
We all know it’s true. Comparison, negativity, being down on ourselves, gossip, and the like only lead us farther away from Jesus Christ. Stay positive about yourself, your friends and family, and strangers you meet. You will most certainly be happier because of it.

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4. It’s never too late for a new start.
There is nothing that God can’t resolve in our hearts or our lives. There is not sin too large to be forgiven. Especially in this Year of Mercy, we should keep this in mind. As long as we approach the Lord (especially in the Sacrament of Confession) with humility and a genuine desire to change, we can set off on a new path any day. For folks in the Diocese of Madison: check out the times for Confession available in the parish. During this Year of Mercy, there should be an extra two hours in the schedule!


5. Be who God made you to be, and you’ll set the world on fire.
God did not create any two human beings exactly the same, so it makes a lot of sense that he would not desire for any two human beings to become saints in the exact same way. Pray about the unique gifts and passions the Lord has given you, and strive to use those to grow in holiness and set the world on fire. Check out this song for inspiration: The Saint That Is Just Me.

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6. Live in the world, not of the world.
We are called to live in the world, with our eyes fixed on heaven, our eternal destination. In the in between, use your interests, favorite movies, and GIFs, to develop friendships that can lead to sharing your faith, in truth and love. Of course, part of living in the world is growing in the virtue of prudence, so we know what will lead us closer or further away from the Lord.

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7. See ourselves as God sees us.
We are precious to the Lord. His love for us is great. This means that we should live like we have been given priceless dignity. Hold yourself to high standards, and then be sure to look for significant others who hold themselves to the same high standards. You are not meant to be in a relationship with someone who does not respect the human person. (This plays out in how people spend their free time, treat their family, and look out for those on the peripheries.)

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8. Don’t put yourself in situations where you’re tempted.
We should always avoid what leads us to sin, but let’s talk about a particular part of our youthful days: romantic relationships. Spending time behind closed doors with a significant other you’re attracted to is a poor choice. Instead of putting yourself in the way of temptation, spend time around friends, invest in your families, serve your neighbors in need, and go on dates in public.

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9. Know the power of prayer.
God has great plans for you. The way you are going to know His will is through prayer. Prayer is also where you learn about your great dignity and are strengthened to avoid temptation and sin. If you are looking for peace and happiness — let’s be honest, we know you are — prayer is a must in your life. Check out this great prayer from Saint Ignatius of Loyola: Suscipe.

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You’ve got this. We’ll be praying for you, as you strive for holiness!

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If you’re curious what Lindsay and Bekah were making for dinner, check this out: America’s Test Kitchen – Sweet Potato Soup. It turned out really well!


Above: This is the second day Lindsay and Bekah had known each other. They met at World Youth Day in Madrid back in 2011! (Yes. That is #saratheintern, Freshly Brewed co-host, to Lindsay’s left!)


Above: Now that Bekah lives in Madison, she and Lindsay enjoy visiting the Farmer’s Marked on a regular basis!

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