Frassati Fest 2016: The RECAP

Beyond watching the recap video to witness the real joy, enthusiasm, and prayerful spirit of our high school youth at Frassati Fest, the best way we can help you understand how beautiful this weekend was is by letting the teens speak for themselves.

Frassati Fest 2016 helped me know that no matter what, God has a plan for me.

After Frassati Fest, I will have a brighter outlook of my future. I have to trust in the Lord that I will continue to grow.

I definitely have a different, more positive outlook on Catholicism!

During adoration, a huge amount of joy came over me. I knew Jesus was there.

To form better picture of what the weekend looked like, we wanted to share some important statistics with y’all!

Pie Chart BW

WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS, as described by the teens!
The graphic above shows how much of a highlight the below items were. 

  1. Adoration and Confession
  2. Inspiring Speakers, like Matt Faley
  3. Meeting New Friends and Reconnecting with Old Friends
  4. The Saturday Night Party
  5. Praise and Worship with 20/20
  6. Growing in Faith
  7. The Saturday Night Dinner
  8. Water Park Time
  9. Parish Time

Ladies Men Split

At Frassati Fest, high school ladies and their female chaperones made up 64% of attendees. The gentlemen in attendance made up the remaining 36%.

Teens and their chaperones represented over 28 parishes in the Diocese of Madison! 17 of those parishes attended as a group; the remaining teens joined other parishes or attended as Lost Sheep.

Planning Team Classy

This year’s event was planned by a group of 30 incredible high school students, alongside of 6 youth ministers and staff members from the Diocese of Madison. They committed to monthly formation meetings, a weekend retreat, and plenty of work time outside of meetings leading up to the big event!


During Frassati Fest 2016, two Freshly Brewed podcasts were recorded. (Freshly Brewed is the podcast for Madison Catholic Youth and beyond! We release new, FREE episodes on Thursday mornings during the school year!) One of them was recorded in front of a live studio audience on Saturday morning, in the style of the ESPN show Around the Horn. Check out the blog post about EPISODE 63: Around the Horn. The other podcast recorded during Frassati Fest was with Matt Faley, our incredible keynote speaker. This episode just released, and you don’t want to miss it. In EPISODE 64: A Thirst, Matt talks with Sara, the Love Begins Here intern, about his journey with Christ, discernment, dating and prayer. Enjoy getting a taste of the inspiration Matt shared with those attending Frassati Fest by listening!

If you’re still hanging in there and want to learn more, we would suggest checking out the following three links!

We hope to see y’all at next year’s Frassati Fest! Share this post with families who have high school teens who may be interested in joining in on the fun in 2017.

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