Freshly Brewed: Christmas Vacation Playlists


While you’re trimming the tree this Advent, traveling to see relatives, celebrating Christmas, and enjoying the merriment of this season, we would highly recommend that you fill up some time listening to Freshly Brewed, while traveling solo or spending time with loved ones.

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To this end, we have some recommendations for y’all. Make yourself a little playlist, inspired by one of the following categories!

Star Wars Pod

Pop Culture
These podcasts are all touch on relevant, pop culture related topics.

Episode 30: The Definition of Awkward – This episode feautures super hip, young guests who happened to counsel the Pathfinders at Camp Gray this past summer.

Episode 31: Born and Raised – Fr. Garret and Topher chat about the zombie apocalypse, among other Wisconsin themed topics.

Episode 43: Disney or Philosophy? – This podcast is the result of combining Disney fandom with an Introduction to Philosophy course.

Episode 51: The MANPOD – Bill and Topher teamed up to create the most manly (and hipster) podcast we’ve ever produced.

Episode 55: May the Force Be With You – If you’re a Star Wars fan, we trust that you will greatly enjoy this pod!

Episode 4.4

Camp Gray Alumni Love
These podcasts feature stories from Shady Lane Rd. and beyond that may have a special appeal to staff or camper alumni of CG!

Episode 4: Our Catholic Family Tree – Bill, Topher and Deacon Joe Baker talk about their trip to Ireland and meeting Msgr. Gray’s family. (Listen past the poor sound quality; the stories are incredible!)

Episode 18: Live Like Paul – Topher, Jeff and Rebecca share about living life to the fullest, in the wake of the loss of their friend and former staffer, Paul Coakley.

Episode 23: Throwback Thursday – Topher and Lindsay share about their favorite memories created while serving on Camp’s holy grounds.

Episode 24: Freshly Bruleed Tool-Aid – Kid Camp Director Andrew sat down with Topher for the most precious 12 minute podcast there will ever be.

Episode 39: Made for GRAYtness – Alumni will always enjoy hearing the summary of another life-changing summer at The Gray; this podcasts highlights the best of Summer 2015.

Episode 49: The Real MLB – Topher chatted with former Camp Director and longtime board member Msgr. Larry Bakke about the history of Camp and how to receive the gifts the Lord gives.

Tim Teaching Under Lights

Small Things, Great Love
This playlist highlights stories from the local mission field, Love Begins Here.

Episode 3: The Larger Perspective – This podcast is the first conversation had about Love Begins Here on the airwaves; during this pod, Lindsay and Blaine chat about how to live the spirit of mission trips in everyday life.

Episode 23: Throwback Thursday – Lindsay and Sara share about their favorite memories created while serving on the local mission field.

Episode 38: Come, Be My Light – Hear from each of the LBH2015 Core Team members in this super special, summer summary podcast.

Episode 54: Love Begins Here – 7 years and 48,000+ hours of service in, Bill sat down to chat with Lindsay about the history of Madison’s local, life changing mission trip apostolate.

Quote Lake Sunset

Family and Friends
These podcasts will help strengthen you to live happily with friends and families, whether you always see eye-t0-eye or not.

Episode 7: Live Out Loud – Sara chats with Andrew Kidd about creating communities of faith in the midst of our friends and families. (This also features the original edition of Positive Spinz.)

Episode 40: Saints In Sneakers – This back to school podcast will get you ready to pursue sainthood in the midst of every day life.

Episode 42: For Bonding and Babies – Hear from three wise and faithful individuals striving to live out their vocations to marriage in incredible ways within the Church.

Episode 45: You Do You – These three words are often heard in the world today. Hear the Freshly Brewed hosts talk about the weight they carry and what they mean in the light of faith.

Episode 50: The Cucipice – In honor of Episode 50, the hosts got together for one incredible, fun, and spirited podcast where we discussed how to live great lives in the midst of a monotonous routine.

Freshly Brewed Square 3 (1)

Personal Favorites (from Lindsay, a Freshly Brewed host)
None of these podcasts fit into the nice and tidy categories already created, but they are most certainly worth mentioning. Each of these conversations stuck with me long after the podcast ended.

Episode 16: Love That Gives Life – This podcast with Sister Mary Gabriel, of the Sisters of Life, is life affirming and incredible beautiful.

Episode 19: Chevy Trucks, Kitchen Confidence and Women – This podcast was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Frassati Fest 2015, and it’s 20 minutes of joy.

Episode 22: This Girl Is On Fire – This is the podcast I usually hear most from, when it comes to positive reviews from my friends; it’s safe to say that Dr. Helen Alvare is incredibly inspiring.

Episode 47: You’ve Got My Attention – Jacob Rosemeyer’s life story and thoughts on practicing the faith were pretty transformative. Of all the Freshly Brewed podcasts, you may find yourself hitting the rewind button most often during this episode.

Episode 53: A Journey of Joys and Fears – Dr. Carolyn Woo, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, was a joy to talk to; her thoughts on mercy and discernment were spot on.

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