Freshly Brewed, Episode 46 – O Roma Felix

Welcome to this week’s episode of Freshly Brewed. This special edition was filmed in ROME! (To be specific, host Lindsay recorded it with Monica, FB supporter and fan, in the airport at the end of their trip overseas this fall.) During the episode, they recount stories from their trip, tell you about the ordination of Deacon Joe Baker, share about the many perspectives they were blessed to take in of St. Peter’s Basilica, and offer some thoughts on how to maintain perspective in the midst of whatever life brings our way.

Listen to the podcast right here!

Cardinal Dolan’s Homily from the Ordination
… and a photo summary of Lindsay and Monica’s St. Peter’s perspective!

From the top of the Cupola!

St. Peter statue outside of the Basilica.

Lindsay and Monica at the top of St. Peter’s.

(L) Lindsay and Monica with newly ordained Deacon Joseph Baker. (R) Bernini’s Holy Spirit window above the Chair of Peter, where the Deaconate Ordinations took place.

View of St. Peter’s from the Pontifical North American College, where the American seminarians live in Rome.

St. Peter’s at night.

IMG_2923Pope Francis during the September 30th audience in St. Peter’s square. (Photo courtesy of Chris Van Wagner.)

IMG_3172Altar of the Presentation, where St. Pius X is buried; also the location of the Mass where Deacon Joe gave his first homily. (Photo credit also goes to Chris VW on this one!)

* No photos are allowed during the Scavi tour or within St. Peter’s in the Eucharistic Chapel or at the tomb of St. John Paul II. Those were some of the most epic sights in the whole of the St. Peter’s experience; you’ll have to go see those for yourselves someday!

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