HS Adventure Day 2015

IMG_4865 - Version 2

Two weeks ago a few youth ministers and the Camp Gray SaLT team got the privilege of hanging out with the COOLEST high schoolers in the Diocese of Madison. Teens had the opportunity to spend the day or stay overnight at Camp Gray and experience a multitude of the activitiesIMG_4672 Camp has to offer amidst the pines and the most beautiful community.
The theme of the weekend was courage, which Matthew and Lindsay talked about throughout the day. Matthew discussed how when confronted with an intimidating situation, courage does not necessarily mean having the certainty to be able to overcome this task but rather, courage means having the willingness to fight for the good. Lindsay talked later about how in order to grow in virtue we must practice virtue, and thus talked about ways we can ask for the gift of fortitude from the Holy Spirit and practice courage in our day to day lives! IMG_4668

A few of the adventures included archery, mountain biking, learning some woodland-survival techniques, low-ropes team building, and of course rock climbing! After a morning exploring these various activities we then spent the afternoon participating in the craziest “Bull-Run” (a large-scale scavenger hunt) throughout Camp ending with an epic four-way game of CTF! For those that spent the night, we wrapped up the sun-lit part of the day with a classic pond party at Lake Jake. Participating in the celebration of Mass together was a perfect way to top off the beautiful day! (Of course, we couldn’t go to sleep without the Adventure Day tradition of an outdoor movie screening…so we watched We Bought a Zoo!)



Sunday morning, after a delicious breakfast we went on hike throughout Camp’s woods and prayed a Rosary! We then dove into some sweet teem building activities on the low-ropes course and topped things off with a prayerful solo-hike.

It was an absolute privilege to pray, adventure, and learn with the teens, the Camp Gray SaLT team, Camp Gray staff alumni, and Love Begins Here Core Team alumni! Don’t take our word for it though, watch the summary video below to witness the fun!


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