Freshly Brewed, Episode 42: For Bonding and Babies

Episode 42 Scott Gina Hackl Catholic Marriage Podcast January Wedding

This week on the podcast, we tackle a beautiful topic that can be pretty tough to share about in the midst of the culture: the Church’s definition of marriage. In order to hear about this beautiful gift and Sacrament in an inspiring way, Lindsay sat down to chat with a Canon Lawyer (listen to the pod to learn what that is), a newly married wife and mom, and the man tasked with leading the charge on marriage preparation in the Diocese of Madison. Altogether, they share about why the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage is a beautiful thing, why marriage is permanent, how men and women complement one another in marriage, and how young folks can start to prepare themselves for marriage one day down the road. It’s a packed hour, but an important one, as Pope Francis makes his way to the U.S. this coming week, concluding his time with a visit at the World Meeting of Families in Philidelphia!

Check out Episode 42 of Freshly Brewed TODAY!


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