Freshly Brewed, Episode 41: Love Has a Name

“When I look at Jesus on the cross, it’s like love has a name, love has a face, love is a person, and that love has sacrificed everything for me and He’s chosen to live and die and rise for me.”

It’s not too often we get to speak with religious sisters on Freshly Brewed, but when we do, it rocks our world. After speaking with Sister Mary Gabriel and Sister Veritas, we couldn’t get enough! We love our Sisters! Their sacrifice of self in pursuit of true love continues to inspire us and we hope you as well! In this episode Sara talks with a woman who just entered the Sisters of Life in New York as a Postulant (i.e. she’s entering a year of formation with the Sisters to discern if she is called to join the religious community permanently!) As a UW-Madison alumna, former Assistant Director at St. Paul’s University Catholic Center, and current Postulant with the Sisters of Life, the Lord has been impacting and encountering souls in the Madison and Milwaukee area through Madeline Gibson for many years now. Listen here for some reflections from Madeline on what true love is and how a deeper understanding of this love could change the way we see ourselves and transform popular culture!



Sisters of Life 

Saint Joseph

“The Cantata of Love” – Blaise Arminjon, S.J.

Learn more about religious life here!

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