Freshly Brewed, Episode 38: Come, be my light.

Dearest friends!

It’s been one big adventure on the Love Begins Here mission field! After serving alongside over 600 missionaries for 7 weeks throughout the Diocese of Madison we are so grateful for the miracles the Lord has performed! He truly has captivated us with His goodness, beauty, and truth this summer and we hope to share a little of that with you in this exclusive Love Begins Here edition of Freshly Brewed! In this episode you’ll hear some inspiration from each of the Love Begins Here 2015 Core Team members, some back-to-school advice, and lots more about the shenanigans that occurred on the LBH mission field this summer!  From us to you, thank you for your support, participation, and prayers this summer!  We hope this episode of Freshly Brewed gives you a wholesome glimpse into the happenings on the mission field and the lessons we’ve learned!

Listen to FRESHLY BREWED in iTunes by clicking here!

Or, download it right to your computer by “right clicking” on this link.

Peace be with you!Love Begins Here 2015 Core Team

See more photos from our summer on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM accounts!

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