Love Begins Here 2015 - Official CT Thank You

With great joy and deep gratitude, we’d like to formally start thanking a number of folks who’ve made this mission possible this summer!

  1. The Apostolate to the Handicapped
    For the third year in a row, we have been granted money from the Apostolate to help keep LBH running as it has increasingly become more and more a year round operation. The Apostolate’s grant this year has assisted us in hiring incredible staff members during the summer months and throughout the academic year. It is great gift to be able to serve, while being united in heart, mind and work with the Apostolate!
  2. Our Shareholders
    As of this week, we’ve raised $11,000 in donations towards the operation of Love Begins Here. Altogether, over 160 families have contributed to keeping LBH strong! This money directly impacts and assists families who do not have funds available to send their kids to Love Begins Here, and it keeps the participant cost low for our 520 teen missionaries. It’s not too late to become a LBH2015 Shareholder. (If you have donated, watch your mailboxes for invitations to the summer end dinner this week!)
  3. Our Core Team
    We began the summer with 10. Now, we are 11 strong. (Thanks to Paul J. for sticking around to help us out as the weeks have gone by. Volunteers turned Core Team are the best!) This team of passionate, enthusiastic, faithful, and hilarious young adults are doing an incredible job leading the missionaries throughout their weeks on the mission field. If you have yet to join us this summer, we promise that you’re in for a major dose of inspiration.

To express our gratitude and help you visualize what you make possible by supporting Love Begins Here, please watch this video:

More thanks are to come, as we conclude our summer in a couple weeks weeks! Stay tuned, friends!

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