Freshly Brewed, Episode 36: Meet Mr. Morrison

“The only man I look down on is the man I’m helping up.” – Mr. Morrison

That’s right friends, this week not only do we have a special guest-host but we have arguably one of our most inspiring guests yet! In this episode, our dear friend and former Camp Gray staffer and Love Begins Here Core Team member John Paul Schiedermayer guest-hosts Freshly Brewed. JP had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Morrison, a well-known employee at Seton Hall University who has a unique perspective on what it means to see Jesus Christ in every individual and live each day as a gift from God. You won’t want to miss the beautiful, thought-provoking reflections of a man who knows better than most what it means to change the world by doing small things with great love! Thank you to all the Mr. Morrisons in our lives, its people like you that remind the world of the reality of Heaven and the depths of God’s magnificent love!


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