Freshly Brewed, Episode 30: The Definition of Awkward

Awkward Podcast Dan Meghan Haley Have you ever experienced feeling awkward? Perhaps during your high school years? We are so excited to bring to you today a podcast all centered around the topic of feeling awkward and how to become awkward resilient. To help talk through this topic, Lindsay chats with this summer’s Camp Gray Pathfinder counselor team – Dan, Haley and Meghan! They’ve got some sweet thoughts to share. Listen HERE!


St. Josemaria Escriva
St. Jude
Kids Playing Outside
Something Beautiful for God – Mother Teresa

As we promised, here are some of their best awkward high school photos! 38232_428110083176_4549085_n (1) Bonus, this awkward high school of moment for Meghan, also includes Freshly Brewed hosts Lindsay and Sara! 11117530_994571310553614_403482264_n Another bonus, enjoy double the Scheidermayer brother high school awkwardness! 11094034_10153092058576311_1688493285_n Haley was winning this competition. 11084533_10205598937148805_979817563_n Dan loved embracing awkward trends, like planking. 11088735_994579467219465_264884280_n Meghan was quick to share this awkward high school gem.

And, because Dan really wanted to let you in on his awkward high school days, please enjoy this blast from the past:

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