Planning Ahead + Youth Formation Surveys

Planning Ahead

Now that we have entered Holy Week, you are probably feeling like the end of the academic year is approaching quickly. Now is the best time to figure out how you are going to evaluate the programs and efforts you put forth this past year in your parish!

First off, we have a recommendation of a quote to take to prayer as you look back on a year of work in the Church. Feel free to share this with your catechists, as well.

In human actions examples have a great influence than words. This is because a person does and chooses what appears as good to that person. Thus, the actual choice of something manifests its goodness or value to a person even more than what that person teaches should be chosen. This explains why when someone says one thing and does another, what he does, has a greater influence on others than what he teaches. Therefore, it is of the greatest necessity to give an example. – St. Thomas Aquinas

Second, while your students and families are still actively engaged in your programs, classes and routines, think about giving them surveys that help them reflect on the past year. Thanks to Dominick at St. Thomas Aquinas for getting us started on ideas for surveys to use in our Religious Education and Youth Formation apostolates! Dominck’s teens completed their surveys during their final class; parents were e-mailed a Google Form survey that same weekend.

Middle or High School Survey Questions

  • I grew most in my relationship with Jesus Christ this year by…
  • This year, the most important thing I learned was…
  • After this year, I would still like to learn … about our Catholic faith.
  • My favorite part of the year was…
  • My least favorite part of the year was…
  • What were the three most impactful things your teacher/core team/youth minister did with you this year in our parish?
  • I would like to see more … next year in our parish for the youth.
  • If I could go on a trip with our church anywhere in the USA, I would like to go…
  • My favorite thing to do with my friends is…
  • List the top three forms of social media that you use on a regular basis.
  • I plan to attend/participate in (Love Begins Here, parish mission trip, Camp Gray, Totus Tuus, VBS volunteering, etc.) this summer.

For a reference, check out Dominick’s parent surveyThe one thing Dominick would have added to the survey was a field to collect the names of folks who are answering the questions. In many cases, it would be helpful to get in touch with parents to learn more about their answers.

What else have you added to your end of the year surveys? Share your great ideas in the comments below!

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