Freshly Brewed, Episode 25: I Take My Coffee Black, Like My Clerics

Happy Feast day of St. Joseph! This week on the podcast Father Greg Ihm shares some reflections on the life of St. Joseph and how he can inspire men to grow in virtue in order to become the spiritual or biological fathers they were created to be! Father Greg also talks about childhood memories with his father and how this relationship revealed to him the tangible realities and beauty of God’s fatherly love for him! Listen here for some awesome perspective on the role of men in the Church and in families! St. Joseph, pray for us!



Percolating Definitions:

Percolation.  Technically, any method of coffee brewing in which hot water percolates, or filters down through, a bed of ground coffee. The pumping percolator utilizes the power of boiling water to force water up a tube and over a bed of ground coffee.<>

Percolating. To brew coffee in a percolator; to become active, lively, or spirited; to show activity, movement, or life <>

The Mystery of Joseph

The Feast of Saint Joseph


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