Freshly Brewed, Episode 15: SEEK and You Will Find

seek banner


Arriving back in Wisconsin after a five day long conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Sara and Taylor were pumped to share with Lindsay, John Paul, and all Freshly Brewed listeners what they encountered at SEEK 2015. Listen here to find out what Taylor and Sara desire to share with you about their encounters with Jesus and how these experiences have inspired them to keep pursuing a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father!





find out more about FOCUS

more about SEEK 2015

hilarious videos by Father Gale Hammerschmidt

Audrey Assad music/story

Eucharistic Adoration in the Madison Diocese 

Book Recommendations:

Want to know more about Catholic Feminism? Breaking Through – Helen Alvaré

Want to dive into the deeper mysteries of Mass? A Biblical Walk Through the Mass – Dr. Edward Sri

Want to be inspired by the great story of a modern day Saint? Saint John Paul the Great – Jason Evert

Want to know if drama-free relationships exist? Emotional Virtue – Sarah Swafford



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