Freshly Brewed, Episode 11: How I Met Our Mother

Halfway through the Advent season there is no better way to start your weekend then by listening to this uplifting conversation between two of Madison’s finest ladies: Lindsay Becher and Nicky Kaehler. Their joyful spirits shed a beautiful light on how to grow closer to Jesus through Mary during this season. The two discuss the Saints of the Day for this week and how their examples of embracing different types of poverty show us what God is capable of when we empty ourselves of worldly attachments so as to be completely filled by Him. This inspiration culminates by looking at Mary’s ultimate embrace of poverty as she completely submitted herself to God’s will. Listen here for a laughter-filled, inspiring podcast about our journey towards saint-hood! Happy Advent y’all!

Episode 11.1

Saint of the Day
St. Juan Diego
St. Damasus
St. Lucy
Our Lady of Guadalupe
“The Perfect Joy of St. Francis”
Silent Night Pentatonix Style
Silver Bells “Bing Crosby style”
Camp Brand Goods Instagram
find your local library 
33 Days to Morning Glory
The Secret of Mary – St. Louis de Montfort


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