Freshly Brewed, Episode 2: Managing Time Management

Hello Thursday! It’s that time of week friends and we are so jazzed to release the second episode of Freshly Brewed, the official Madison Catholic Youth podcast! This week Sara interviewed a local super-woman, Tiffany Topel. As a Camp Gray and Love Begins Here alumni and current wife, mother of four, youth minister, avid Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser and the list continues, we thought it would be an exceptional opportunity to talk with Tiffany and see just how she manages to do it all while maintaining the most joyful and faithful spirit every day! You can listen here to hear her beautiful insight on how to manage time management and sanctify one’s daily work.

Tiffany with her husband and four beautiful children!
Tiffany with her husband and four beautiful children!

Episode 2: Managing Time Management Ι SHOWNOTES

Host: Sara Zeman

Guest: Tiffany Topel

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For more reflections on this topic of managing time wisely check out the blog that inspired this podcast! The Glorification of Busy

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