From the Mission Field: Ode to the Trailer

Nicky Trailer

Love Begins Here moves every week, from town to town, throughout the 11 counties of the Diocese of Madison. To make this happen, a few years back, we invested in a trailer, in part due to the generosity of our Shareholders.

To become one for this summer and help us support the mission, download this paperwork! We’d love to have you on board.

Long story short, we love our trailer. How much? Let’s let Nicky, the LBH intern tell you.

To help you enter into the poetry, you can watch Nicky, the LBH Intern, deliver her poem here!

If you want to keep the poem forever, download and the Trailer Ode PDF!

Or, just read it here.

Ode to the Trailer

Shiny, metal, parked just outside in our lot.
A part of LBH not to be forgot.
To recall life before, through our minds we must sift
Let us now remember LBH pre-our gift

Friday: Time to move for our next group of all-stars
So, we’ll pack up the gear and put it in our cars.
Shoving supplies in every cranny and nook
Going crazy about how much time it all took

Having to make extra trips to each place
Trying to suppress a very sleepy face
Desperately wanting to recharge for next week
A new way was needed. We started to seek

The answer came soon, a trailer was the lead
But how to make this happen? Help we would need.
To those feelings of not knowing, soon came some shifts
With the generous LBH shareholders’ gifts

Ideal and beautiful, it was the perfect place
To travel with our tools and supplies in one space
And thanking another donor for giving in stride
We put Apostolate to the Handicap on the side

So trailer know you’re essential and ever used
In the work of our mission you have been infused
God will provide there is no need to be stressed.
So let’s hitch up and set out. Lord we are blessed!

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