From the Mission Field: “Serve local.”

Rottier 1

On Love Begins Here, the Core Team is blessed summer after summer with the opportunity to get to know the raddest middle and high school youth around. Really, they are the coolest kids. While LBH becomes a part of their lives, often we wonder how much of LBH is transferred back to their families. How do their parents understand the mission? What do they think about these local, life changing mission trips?

Today we are bringing you the words directly from a family, whose kids are near and dear to our hearts. (Their son is going to be our only SIXTH year missionary this summer, and the girls are long time missionaries, too!) Enjoy the read!

Rottier 3

“We feel very fortunate that our children have had the opportunity to be part of Love Begins Here. It has become the top event that our kids look forward to each summer. In a teenage world that is more and more about what possessions I have, and what I did for myself and can tell the world about on twitter, Love Begins Here shows teenagers the joy in doing for others. Today we hear a lot about local. Eat local. Shop local. LBH allows teenagers to serve local.”

Rottier 2

“LBH shows that good people can do right here, in our neighborhoods. There are people in need, all different types of need, right here and we see them every day at the library, the bus stop and the grocery store. In terms of summer activities for teens, LBH teaches teens to love God, to love others and to serve. Kids at LBH work hard, but they don’t even realize it because they are enjoying the company of other teens and the inspiring Core Team.”

“The Core Team is made up of great role models and my kids consider them rock stars.  We still hear stories about what Nicky or Bill said, and all my teens then dissolve into laughter. They go to daily Mass and confession with no thoughts of complaint at LBH. It really shows that hard work and doing for others are not things to “dread” or “get over with”, but they can be joyful and enriching activities. It isn’t necessary to leave the continent, or spend thousands of dollars traveling to do good in the world.”

Thanks for sharing Eric and Amy! We are blessed to have families like yours invested in the mission!

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