Survey Says!

Survey Says

All of the Youth Ministers and others who work with the Middle and High School youth in our Parishes were asked over the past couple of weeks to take an online survey about a couple of new day retreats/rallies that we want to offer in collaboration with Camp Gray! It’s an exciting time (and idea!), but before we dived into the planning and work on such events, it was important to us to gather this feedback. We had 42 folks take the survey, and we’re ready to share with you the results. Of course, nothing is set and stone and the results of this survey will not magically result in new and beautiful programming (without hard work, of course!), but we’ll do our best to provide for what you need!


The first thing we asked about was if the parishes are interested in new programming for Middle School students, High School students or both Middle and High School students. The overwhelming response that was we need more for all of our youth!

Saturday Sunday

We’re not sure we could have asked a more controversial question. The response to whether folks wanted Saturday or Sunday events was split right down the middle. (For the solution, we will probably look to Camp’s availability and calendar for some more insight!) Regardless of what direction we take these events, it sounds like we’ll be looking into providing an optional overnight component for adventurous and interested parishes!


The above photo is an indication of the responses we received from the following question: For a day long event (that would provide snacks, lunch, retreat components, Camp Gray fun (potential for canoeing, tower climbing, etc.), music, and local speakers) what do you think of the cost of $45 for the day? (Keep in mind that the cost of a day at Camp Gray summer camp is about $90.) 

Some (8 folks) thought this price was far too much; some (5 folks) thought it was a bargain. The majority agreed it was either spot on or that with opportunities to provide scholarships to kids in need, $45 would be a good price. Going forward, we’ll be running the numbers and finding out how we can maximize the value for the lowest price possible. Stay tuned!

Top Selling Points

It sounds like whatever we do, as long as we keep our Catholic faith at the top of the list, enlist the stellar Camp Gray staff and enthusiastic youth ministers of our Diocese, give the youth an opportunity for classic Camp Gray fun and adventure, and give them a day out in nature with other teens to bond with, we’ll be on the right track. Thanks for all the great ideas about what will sell this new offering to our teens!

Overall, we could not be more thrilled with the response to this survey! Hopefully in the next month or so, we’ll have more details and a clear idea of what these events might look like in the 2014 – 2015 school year. Also, stay tuned for future surveys! This collaboration business is mighty fun.

(Also, in case you’re curious, one interesting piece of information we learned from the survey on the topic of Confirmation is that HALF of the Parishes that responded are either moving to Chosen for their program or already have! That’s great news, especially considering the exciting announcement we made last week.)

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