From the Mission Field: Introducing the LBH Intern

We are introducing a new Friday series to the blog featuring stories, memories, announcements and more From the Mission Field of Love Begins Here. Enjoy meeting Nicky the intern today!

Nicky 3

If anyone saw my introduction video from this past summer, you know that I excel at introducing myself, or at least being interviewed on camera. See this link. You only need to watch 00:35 – 00:48, and that should give you a shining example of my abilities.

However, I was asked to introduce myself for a new role I have been blessed to start for Love Begins Here. Hi, I’m Nicky Kaehler. I teach second grade in Sauk City at St. Al’s, and I live in Middleton. I am overjoyed to say that I am the LBH spring intern, a position sponsored in part by the generosity of a grant through the Apostolate to the Handicapped!

Whenever you start a new endeavor in life, there is a natural inclination to have a “dear diary moment” as you reflect on how you got to this point. For me it was the summer of 2010. My awesome roommate, Lindsay Becher (Superhero Starter of LBH), asked if I wanted to volunteer for the HS1 trip. I had already heard so many beautiful things; I said absolutely. I arrived on Sunday with my sleeping bag, tennis shoes, and an open heart. LBH took me in and made a home in my heart.

That week I experienced beautiful, authentic, Catholic community. Every day we woke up and started our day with mass. That was the coolest thing, to be tired from the day/night before and telling Jesus, “I can’t do this day without you.” He in return provided the Eucharist and the grace needed to live that day for Him. As we set out in the morning for our work sites, the air was already filled with singing and laughter. When we all rolled in at the end of the day, we were dirty, sweaty, and tired, but that same joy could be heard. It was wonderful to unwind, pray a rosary, and share a meal with these young people who are an incredible witness to God’s love. Each night we shared hilarious stories from the day. Then we would get to hear how others saw God in their day. All of this happened in the midst of having crazy amounts of fun, going on random adventures, jamming out to tunes in the car, and celebrating life the way God intended.


So, while my body might have been running on empty, my soul was so full. I just wanted more! I wanted to love God by serving his people in a way that was more life encompassing and less isolated. I wanted to be surrounded by these joyful inspiring young people, but I had to start my summer job. For the two days leading up to my nannying position, this was my conversation with God: “Lord, I know you want me here, but I really want to be on LBH. Help me.” Come Sunday, my start day, I showed up to start nannying. I was greeted with the news that they thought I was starting the following week. Oh happy day! I immediately called Lindsay and was back on LBH that afternoon.

I’ve been blessed to be a core team member these past three summers. In that time, the Lord has used this program to challenge everything I am, and mold me into who I am supposed to be. He’s allowed me to share my gifts, and I am humbled and grateful.  I knew last summer was my last core team summer (I still plan on volunteering), and I was already aching at the thought of missing out this summer. Yet again God hears and answers the cry of this heart. While working as a barista saving money for a trip to Rome this summer, Lindsay approached me about being an intern. I would be working to promote LBH, prepare things for the summer, and put out the word on social media. No brainer. This was perfect! I would get to work for a program I love, behind the scenes, so that Lindsay could spend more time developing and expanding the program as she felt God calling her to do.

Nicky 5

So here I am, your LBH intern, happy to answer emails, doing work that I love, getting ready for another amazing summer! Praise God!

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