Canonization Preparation, Bishop Morlino and a Sweet Giveaway!

Today on the blog, we are doing a little round up of some sweet things that have surfaced in the past week!


First up, Tiffany Topel (the super sweet and talented youth minister in Jefferson) was featured on the Lifeteen blog this week! Go read it! Not only does it feature the story of Bishop Morlino’s visit with her Middle School Youth, but she also shares two important things she learned from the visit. Huge thanks to Tiffany for not only her passionate work but sharing her wisdom with folks in the Madison Diocese and far beyond.

Second, Noah is coming out this weekend, and we have collected a number of things to read, if you are thinking about seeing it. The first recommendation would be to read the actual account of Noah and the ark in scripture; start in Genesis 6 and continue through Genesis 9. (A quick, or thorough, reading will tell you that there must be some additions or cinematic choices made to make the story into a feature length film.) There is a thoughtful review on the National Catholic Register that provides some context for the movie and thoughts on the production and retelling of the story. Catholic Online movie reviewer Scot Landry makes a case for 8 Reasons Why Catholics Should See Noah. And, Catholic Vote has a blog post on 100 proudly Catholic films, whether or not you feel like Noah is going to bring you to the theater.


Third, while we’re still in the midst of Lent, let’s not forget to prepare for the great feast of Divine Mercy that is coming our way one month from today! Along with the great feat in the midst of the Easter season, on April 27th of this year, two canonizations will take place, of Blessed Pope John XXIII and Blessed Pope John Paul II. Now is the perfect time to learn about these great saints-to-be. Here are a few suggestions:
– Journal of a Soul: The Autobiography of Pope John XXIII 
– Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves by Jason Evert (Learn about this incredible brand new book here! From there you can download a chapter of it, place a bulk order for them in paperback, pick one up in hardcover, and get the links to buy them on your iPad, Kindle or Nook!)
Pope John XXIII Vatican Webpage
Pope John XXIII Beatification Homily
Pope John Paul II Vatican Webpage
Pope John Paul II Beatification Homily

Fourth, thanks to the great support for the Camp Gray fundraiser at Orange Leaf (the Old Sauk, Middleton location) last night. See the recap from the event on their Twitter account.

Fifth, go Badgers!

Sixth, if you want to win a copy of Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves, you have a chance to do so today! Just leave a comment with your name and Parish. We’ll draw two winners at 10:00am on Monday, March 30th!

Wanderer Wednesday: We’re back!

Wanderer Wednesday

First up, sorry for the lack of recent blog action. As the spring is about to set in (tomorrow!), we’ll be back with more often updates to the blog and a refreshed look for the blog in the near future. Enjoy the reading and watching.

Are you in need of some new tunes? Planning on seeing Divergent this weekend? We’ve got a couple great links for you to check out today!

Rend Collective, a Christian Irish folk band, released their new album on their country’s patron’s feast day. To hear a bit about the story behind the album, centered around the themes of joy, giving one’s life to the Lord and simplicity, watch the video below.

While Rend Collective is a not a Catholic band, in particular, so many of the themes in this video and their music resonate with our Catholic faith. Among those found in this video, the following are some that really stuck out.
– There are times in our lives, when through God’s grace, we realize just how important Jesus Christ is in our lives. These times of conversion should bring great joy to our lives, so much so that perhaps we too skip through fields.
– Jesus is always doing a new thing in our lives; this is, after all, a great theme of this Lenten season. He really is the peace in our troubled sea and the healer of the broken hearted.
– Let us thank God for Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross and his knowledge of the joy set before him (which was the opportunity for us to spend eternal life with him).
– This Church we are a part of is a beautiful reality. Christ laid down his life for his bride (the Church)!
– It is time to celebrate. We have been created to know God, love him and rejoice in this life. Practice joy as a spiritual discipline!
– The advice to practice for heaven now is priceless. One of the best ways we as Catholics can do so is through the frequent reception of the Sacraments, especially Confession and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. Through those means, we receive this great freedom we are promised.

Go ahead and check out this new album. You will not be disappointed.

© 2014 - Summit Entertainment
© 2014 – Summit Entertainment

This weekend, a blockbuster named Divergent is about to hit the theaters in the teen oriented, post apocalyptic genre. Much like the popular Hunger Games movies, there is a female heroine in the story whose name is Tris. Not to give away too many spoilers for the film, at least nothing more than you have seen in the trailer, but Tris gets into a relationship. It’s not perfect; to be honest, neither is Katniss’ relationship. Take a look at this great blog to see what kind of relationship advice they need. (It’s also applicable to folks living in the real world, too!)

Live with joy today, friends!