Superbowl Monday

After a long blogging break and a thrilling weekend at Frassati Fest (see more here, here and here), we are back with some inspiration to get you going this Monday afternoon.

First up, while the Seahawks were dominant on the field last night, it’s great to know that many of the players are inspiring folks beyond the football field. The following video was made by a couple players (two of which are former Badgers!) and their ecclesial community out in Seattle. They are certainly using their football fame to witness to their faith in a big way, and it is great to see. Though these players are not Catholic, both the Church’s faithful and other Christian athletes can all learn a lot from their example! (See more like this at the Making of a Champion website.)

In more post-Superbowl related news, it was refreshing to see much less in the way of immodesty during this year’s commercials. In 2013, it seemed like every other commercial relied heavily on sexuality in order to sell the product. Not only did we see less in the way of vices during commercials, but ad creators even tapped into the virtues to sell their products. The following two commercials both placed patriotism (which is a facet of the virtue of justice; learn more here) at the forefront.

And, for good measure, go ahead and remember how cute this dog-horse bond was.

(Of course, Madison Catholic Youth wants to remind everyone that the legal drinking age is 21, and once you’ve reached that age, there are plenty of ways to have fun without alchohol in the picture! If adults do choose to drink, we hope and pray that they do so both responsibly and in moderation.)

Stay tuned for more this week, including some sweet recaps of the weekend away at Frassati Fest and how to stay engaged in the faith in the months to come!

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