Wanderer Wednesday: What’s the Holy Father saying?

Wanderer Wednesday

If you’ve been reading along with Wanderer Wednesday posts from the beginning, you would know that among the sources that I go for my Church-y news the blog, and even more often, the Twitter feed of Rocco Palmo is at the top of my list. Feel free to join me and follow along for the highlights of who’s saying what, which Bishops are moving about and if the Holy Father has been up to anything exciting (which is a daily occurrence).

However, if you find the news wire on such a variety of Catholic related topics to be overwhelming and you are just looking for what’s at the heart of the matter, over in Rome, we have another recommendation. A bonus of looking into this sources of news would be that you will have an unfiltered opportunity to see what Pope Francis has really been preaching, saying and doing, rather than the mass media’s interpretation of it.

1381718_611106608953360_316312886_nPhoto Source: News.va’s Facebook Page

Through the Vatican Information Service (VIS), you can get the latest from the heart of the Church shortly after Roman noon e-mailed straight to your inbox. That convenient timing means you can begin your morning with checking in with Pope Francis! To subscribe, visit the VIS blog, click the Receive VIS link at the top of the page and enter in your preferred e-mail address. While I do not thoroughly read this e-mail top to bottom every day, I make sure to scan the headlines and read what is of greatest interest in my life and of utmost relevance in my work. A few highlights lately include the Pope’s address to catechists a few week’s back, his homily on Mary this past weekend (while he consecrated the world to our Blessed Mother!) and his address this week to some members of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.

Enjoy the latest and greatest, friends!

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