New Evangelization Movie

This summer, one of the coolest bands around was Rend Collective Experiment. From Camp Gray to Love Begins Here, teens sang along and fell for this band encouraging them to build the kingdom here. A number of the lyrics in the song Movements really seem to capture what we are seeing as a growing trend in the Diocese: more teens are devotedly, passionately loving the Lord and their Catholic faith.

I’m running fast and free to You
You are the movement and fight in me
I’m Running fast and free to You
You are my home 
Where I wanna be

We know the sad, alarming statistics about our young adult faithful, most of all knowing that only about 10% of Catholic college students are attending Mass on a regular basis. However, those young people who are living out their faith, fighting for what they believe and choosing to live God are a real source of hope.

As our teens grow and transition into adulthood, they are faced with choices about what their futures hold, especially in regards to how they are going to live their Catholic identity. We do not have any magic recipes for how this is going to happen, though we do know the ingredients: giving our teens an opportunity to encounter Jesus in a life changing way, providing engaging Catechesis, allowing them to experience community life and helping them develop a life of prayer.

To help the priests of our Diocese understand just powerful these apostolates can be for our youth and their power to transform lives, we produced the following video to share with them at the annual priest assembly.

Enjoy. Share. Watch it again.

Let’s help our youth run fast and free to the Lord!

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