Wanderer Wednesday: Instagraming the Diocese


Today’s Wanderer Wednesday post will be a brief one. We just wanted you to officially confirm that Instagram is all the rage, in case you weren’t aware. While you’ll need a smart phone or iDevice of some kind to make use of it, getting on board is not a bad idea! When polled this summer on Love Begins Here mission trips, our Middle School youth told us (resoundingly) that they use Instagram more than facebook and twitter combined.

To help orient you to the coolest Catholic Instagram accounts in the Diocese, the following is a little guide.

Blog, Instagram WW

Go ahead and like all of these accounts, mention us in your posts and tag us in your photos. There’s hardly a better way to evangelize through beauty during this Year of Faith. (If you don’t have access to one of these devices to Instagram on your own, you can view the feeds of these four accounts by visiting http://www.instagram.com/insertthenamehere. For example: www.instagram.com/madisondiocese.)

Word to the wise: please use the pre-made Instagram filters sparingly. Natural and unedited is always best. If you feel the need to edit, do so first in an app of your choice. For those in the iDevice world, we would suggest PicTapGo and Afterlight for your editing needs, A Beautiful Mess for adding text and Diptic for making quick photo collages!

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