Wanderer Wednesday: Hip Videos

And… we’re back. Thanks for bearing with us over those crazy summer months. We’ve still got more to share from the adventures of this summer, what we’ve learned and more. However, today’s not that day. Today is Wednesday, and that means that we’re going to relaunch the Wanderer Wednesday series!

For today, we are keeping it simple. Just enjoy these three videos that could help you in some way this year as you are getting started with your teens and revisiting the story of Salvation History.

Dive In – Cory Heimann

I think this is relevant for the beginning or re-energizing of any catechetical endeavor! What a great reminder that there is so much more to our Catholic faith, and all we need to do to embrace it is to dive in.

Chosen – Cory Heimann

While this was specifically created for the Steubenville Conference this year, it can send a powerful message to any group of Catholic teens about their being created and loved by God! [To access this video, you’ll have to click on the link above in the word “Chosen”!]

Abraham’s Offering – Danielle Rose

While this video is not quite as slick as those beautiful films prouduced by Cory Hiemann, rockstar in the Catholic visual media world, the lyrics to this beautiful song combined with the artwork makes for a powerful five minute reflection on this moment in our Salvation History and what it means to model our faith after Abraham.

Enjoy the inspiration, friends!

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