One Huge Holy Spirit Moment

Over the past few years of Love Begins Here, we’ve made a point to highlight those times when we really feel like the Holy Spirit is present to us and taking pretty great strides to help us out. (We know it helps that so many folks spend their time praying with us and for us.) On this lovely afternoon, we would like to share one recent “Holy Spirit Moment” story.

Cistercian Help!

A few weeks back, as the Core Team was driving home from our training retreat, one person suggested that we give the cloistered Cistercian monastery a call to see if they would need any help. (These 20 beautiful cloistered nuns spend their days praying for our Diocese. And, they are the only female community of cloistered Cistercians in the country!) Who knew that when we called, we would be answering a prayer and vice versa. Literally, Sister Mary Grace wrote this to us in an e-mail the day we first spoke with her:

Wow! Your help is like coming from heaven… For years, we have  longed to be able to get the Chapel  painted, but because of the cost to hire someone to do so, it has not made happened. We just cannot afford it, since we have been struggling financially. If Love Begins Here, could bring this dream to come true, you will have made a bunch of nuns very happy.

Two weeks later, we have spent the better part of three days doing many things for these beautiful, religious women. Certainly, we’ve been helping them the painting of the Chapel. This project is really important to these women, seeing as a number of their sisters have respiratory problems, because of the mold that had been present there. They spend 6 hours in prayer there every day, in addition to celebrating Mass daily in that space. (Of course, before we painted, we bleach washed every surface and spent a great deal of time picking out paint perfect for spaces prone to mold and mildew!) Our projects have also included moving wood, tearing up carpeting, refinishing floors and helping to build a shed where they can store the wood during the winter, next to the convent. (They are so legit that part of the monastery is heated by a wood fire throughout the winter!)

All in all, this has been an incredible project, and due to the generosity of so many Love Begins Here shareholders, we have been able to provide them with the majority of the supplies needed all of these tasks on their wish list. However, we would like to remind you of the opportunity to become one of our shareholders. The funds raised help us to keep our trailer well stocked and provide materials to families, individuals and organizations (like these incredible nuns), who are not able to supply what they need for us to do the work. The paint alone we have purchased for the Cistercian’s chapel, after receiving a very generous discount from the Benjamin Moore on the west side of Madison, totaled about $600.

You may click RIGHT HERE to learn more about becoming a shareholder. We would be so blessed if you would join us in helping make Love Begins Here, and “Holy Spirit Moments” like this possible!

In other news, please continue following this project and many others on facebook, twitter and instagram! We post multiple times each day on those sites!

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