Wanderer Wednesday: Get outside and break some ice!

EIGHTY SIX DEGREES. Spring showed up; a few hours later, summer made an appearance. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Today could not get much better.

Seeing as the weather has turned and now summer is completely on our minds, I wanted to share a collection of games and resources to make the most of the time outdoors with your young people this summer.


Spikeball will have officially taken the Catholic youth of the Diocese by storm by the time August comes this summer. Mostly seeing as Camp Gray has already developed a love for the game, and Love Begins Here has three sets of this incredibly fun and active game ready for missionaries this summer during down time. Investing in a set or two for your own personal use or to have on hand when you are hanging out with your teens would be a very good choice. This game is an absolute blast. Get in on the ground floor of this trend.

Find Something To Do by Jim Cain 
While this book has some kind of odd games in it, there are plenty of quick, easy and memorable ice breakers in this book that you can do with no materials in almost any situation. If you find yourself always drawing a blank when charged with the task of leading games for teens, buy this book. You’ll be happy to have it, flip through it and look like a master in the world of ice breakers.

Raccoon Circles
Get your hands on 15 feet of webbing, and you can have hours of fun getting to know the folks around you. You can buy this webbing here. And, then download this PDF or that PDF to learn the ropes. Splitting teens, kids or adults into small groups and facilitating games with a handful of raccoon circles can make for good times. One activity I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of using these is the following.

Create Your Own Life Map
– To begin, tie the raccoon circle into a continuous circle.
– Then have each group member hold onto the circle.
– One at a time, have each group member take turns creating a map out of the webbing, using the other group member’s assistance that shows one of the following…
… where they were born.
… where they grew up.
… their favorite vacation destination.
… where they dream of living.

It’s easier than it sounds, and your groups will have fun laughing while they try to share their stories and work together.

Enjoy this journey into summer. And, please, make plans to make the most out of the time with your teens and loved ones. We hope these few ideas are helpful!

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