Wanderer Wednesday: Girl Power

First off, if you have not seen it yet, last weekend we launched our newest Year of Faith film. Reviews so far have been extremely positive for this film, and we really think it has wide appeal — with practicing Catholics, those who are not as close to the Church, young adults, teens and adults! There are great cameos by familiar faces, like Blaine Hechimovich and Gina Pignotti, who have inspired the teens of our Diocese for the better part of the last decade through various apostolates.

Second, it’s Friday. As a youth minister in our Diocese put it, it’s okay if Wanderer Wednesday wanders throughout the week. Inspiration can hit at any time — and sometimes things come up, like the incredible MDREO day yesterday on adult formation and the new evangelization.

Without further ado, this week’s Wanderer Wednesday is inspired by last weekend’s rEVOLution of Love event, where Vicki Thorn delivered the truth about the biology of the Theology of the Body. During her presentation, she delivered some lines and inspiration directed just at the high school ladies. She was encouraging them to be strong, bold and faithful women. On that note, the following are two resources to help you provide encouragement to the young women in your life.


How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul by Jason and Chrystilina Evert
This book, written by a duo of rockstars on the topic of TOB for teens, is a powerful resource to have on hand for our young women. It puts relationships of young women in perspective, both to the plans the Lord has for their lives and to marriage. It encourages them to do things like find their bridesmaids before their grooms, quit rationalizing, grow a backbone and date with purpose. All messages young women need to hear.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Dove did it again. A few years back they demystified the evolution of a real woman in a photo shoot to the pages of a magazine. This time, they have broke open how differently women perceive themselves and how others do. It’s powerful. Please watch and share with the women — young and old — in your life. And, make sure to tell them the truth about how beautiful and valuable they are.

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