Wanderer Wednesday: Frugal for the win!

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring in the latest and greatest speakers on the circuit for the Catholic teens in each and every parish in the eleven counties of the Diocese? Yes.

Does any youth formation program in the Diocese have a budget with about $4,000 to drop on one of said speakers in a given year? Probably not.

In light of this predicament, today’s Wanderer Wednesday is going to feature how you can access content and inspiration from the best at your very own computer. (And, in light of this Wanderer Wednesday appearing on Thursday, there’s a BONUS resource included at the end of this post!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.15.45 AM

Jackie and Bobby’s Wedding Prep Blog
Jackie Francios (a talented, faithful speaker and musician will be a keynote at this fall’s NCYC [information about attending can be accessed right here on the blog]) is engaged. She and her fiance, Bobby, are documenting the journey to their wedding day on their blog. It includes a real testimony to the power and grace available to those who are willing to explore and live out the truth behind the teaching of the Theology of the Body. The only downfall is that the posts are sporadic, and it may not be worth your time to be constantly checking for new updates. On that note, please consult the resource below.

| Sidebar Resource |

If you are a regular blog reader or just getting into them, you realize how it can take up a lot of time checking the various blogs you like to read — and if you like to read many blogs, you could forget about some of them time to time and go weeks or months without checking them. To help, the website Bloglovin’ (with simple, compatible apps to use on the go!) is available! You simply create an account, search for the bogs you want to follow (if you can’t find it, manually add it!) and read away. Every time you go to your bloglovin’ homepage at your computer or by using an app on a mobile device, you can see the list of posts that are new since you last visited and mark when you have read them. (Sidebar: There is only one follower for Madison Catholic Youth, two for jackieandbobby.com and 34 for Whispers in the Loggia. Obviously, the Catholic crowd has been slow to reap the benefits of bloglovin’!)

Chris Stefanick’s YouTube
This faithful, dynamic and energizing speaker really knows how to break down what the Church teaches for his online audiences (and in person, if you ever get the chance to see him). Similar to Jackie and Bobby’s engagement blog, the only downfall is how randomly and rarely Chris posts, but knowing about this resource is a must. For a taste, watch the video posted yesterday on the topic of the difference between disagreeing and discriminating. Also similar to J+B, Chris is a master on sharing the truth about Theology of the Body with the masses.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.21.21 AM

Read the Cat
Popular, humor rock Catholic musicians Dan Harms and Kyle Heimann of the group Popple have been reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church, along with their friend (and Kyle’s brother) Cory. While reading the Catechism at a rate of about 40 paragraphs at a time, they prepared weekly podcasts, about 10 minutes in length, to discuss and process what they had read. (Disclaimer: They made it through about 75% of the Catechism, and I’m not sure they are going to finish the series. What’s there would take a while to get through, so maybe they will start up again by the time you finish. Or, you may be so jazzed about it that you’ll finish the reading on your own.) This is a great resource to make use of during this Year of Faith!

Bonus: Just for the Youth Coordinators!
re:Build My Church
This is an archived, online set of talks given to Youth Ministers to help them grow in their work and seek out advice from some big names out there. After an initial preview of about a dozen of these videos, I would personally recommend about half of them. The video quality is not very great, some of the speakers’ dynamism doesn’t come across over the computer and I wish they would use a word other than ministry most of the time. On the list of whom to watch first, I would suggest Mark Hart, Bob Rice and Fr. Leo. Though, feel free to search around to see what topics stick out most to you and would be helpful to your work!

2 thoughts on “Wanderer Wednesday: Frugal for the win!

  1. Awesome post, thanks!

    As a note, Chris Stefanick is one of the speakers at this year’s Steubenville North Conference in St. Paul, July 26-28. We have two busses going from the Diocese. We have open spots to fill and even more room on the buses. Please contact me ASAP if you have students currently in grades 8-12 who are interested in going and I can get you details.

    This is an awesome opportunity to grow in faith!

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