NCYC 2013 – Madison Diocese Information!


NCYC 2013 YouTube Promo Video

Youth from the Madison Diocese are ready to head to Indianapolis this fall for the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC). This will be an incredible three days of prayer, learning, fellowship, incredible speakers and more with over 20,000 other Catholic teens. The Office of Evangelization and Catechesis is helping with the organization of this great, faith filled adventure. Contact Lindsay with questions.

Please use the links below to start the registration process with teens from your Parish — or use them to sign up as an individual (if your Parish is not attending as a group). Start with opening the registration form, and everything else can follow from there.

A note to Parish leaders, the following will be important dates to keep in mind.
May 20 – Initial registrations + deposits are due!
* We need to have a minimum of 38 registrations to have one bus take off on the adventure! If more than 48 folks want to register, we will need to make it to 78 registrations to take 2 busses along.
* Lindsay will be setting up Google Docs to track registrations, as we will allow for these spots to be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
* If space is available after May 20th on a bus (or hopefully two!) we will take registrations as they come in.
September 8 – Remaining paperwork + payments are due!
* This early date is to make sure we have everything turned into NCYC in time!
* We will have meetings leading up this September 8th date and afterwards with Parish leaders to help communicate information and make specific plans.

Initial Registration Form
Madison Diocese Student Information Form and Waivers
NCYC Youth Waiver (Must be notarized!)
NCYC Adult Waiver (Must be notarized!)

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