Promote Love Begins Here in style!

We are very excited that you are interested in promoting LBH at your Parish this year. While there is a lot of information in the Leader Package on this topic, we wanted to expand on the idea of making a bulletin board or something similar to help promote LBH in your Parish. First, watch the video below. Then move on to some more detailed instructions — complete with links — on how to make this happen in your Parish or school.

Bulletin Board Supply List
– Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board Backdrop Paper PDF
– White Paper + Copy Machine
– 2 Sheets of Colorful Paper
– Glue Stick
– Stapler
– String/Yarn/RicRac/Something Similar
– Clothes Pins/Tape/Something Similar
– Initial Registration Forms (See example on page 10 of Leader Package)
– LBH Photos (Optional – You’re welcome to download any from the LBH Facebook page.)

How To
– Print a copy of the Bulletin Board Backdrop Paper PDF.
– Trim copies with circles on them.
– Cut apart one copy of the words “Love Begins Here.”
– Glue those words on colorful paper.
– Cut those words down with a colorful border.
– Staple the Background Paper onto your bulletin board.
– Don’t worry about making that paper perfectly line up. It’s meant to be artsy.
– Create a few lines to hang things on.
– Hang the words “Love Begins Here” that are cut out with the colorful border.
– Hang photos from LBH or other promotional material.
– Make your Initial Registration Forms available nearby.
– Enjoy your LBH promotional display!

If you do not have a bulletin board to use, here’s an idea for an alternative solution.


– Use two sheets of foam board.
– Score lines in each of them down the middle and create a crease to make a V-shaped board.
– Duct tape those two together with duct tape to form a larger board.
– Use duct tape to adhere the string to the back of the boards.
– Have tape on hand to stabilize the boards when you set them up on a table.
– Enjoy your transportable LBH promotional display!

As always, be in touch with questions and enjoy promoting Love Begins Here this spring! We’re only 87 days away from kicking off another incredible summer of local, life changing mission trips.

For those who are registering as individuals, act fast! We are anticipating space on the trips to fill quickly.

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