Wanderer Wednesday: Vatican News Style

Perhaps you’ve seen this —

love our Holy Father. His witness to this media savvy world where information can be shared with a click will change hearts. Many of them.

On that account, I wanted to share today a few (more) sources where you can access the latest and greatest from our Holy Father. Next week, perhaps we’ll get away from the Papal theme of Wanderer Wednesday. It’s hard to say.

Wanderer Wednesday

Rome Reports (The source of the above video.)
This fantastic YouTube channel delivers news from Rome typically a few times a day. Among the other great features of the channel, the best for native (and solely) English speakers like myself is that the commentary and translation is provided in our language! It is so powerful to share with the youth we teach, as well as our family and friends, what is happening at the Vatican and how real, authentic and humble of a Shepherd we are being led by!

Vatican Information Service
Wake up to great updates from the Vatican every day by subscribing to this daily e-mail newsletter from the Vatican’s news office. With the news being released every day at Roman noon, you can literally wake up with the latest from the Church in your inbox every morning. Included in the news bulletin are translated summaries of what the Holy Father said that day, what his schedule included, who he met with (which was extra exciting during the Bishop’s ad limina visit last fall), his monthly prayer intentions and any canonical updates of appointments of all varieties.

The Pope App
If you have a smartphone and you haven’t downloaded the free Pope App, you need to stop reading and do so right now. (For Android Users || For iPhone Users) If you haven’t been reading along with Pope Francis’ latest inspiration bombs, check out his homily from the Mass for the beginning of the Petrine Ministry of Pope Francis. It was incredible. If you had the handy app on your phone you could pull it up with two clicks, as well as the latest photos of what’s happening in his life and more. Take a look at a few screenshots below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 7.05.06 PM


With that, enjoy checking in on the latest in Pope Francis’ life. This weekend promises to be an exciting one, especially as he visits His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for lunch on Saturday.

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