Wanderer Wednesday: Habemus Papam Edition!

Welcome to Wanderer Wednesday!


Photo from Word on Fire. Click the photo above to visit the original blog post.

HABEMUS PAPAM! Earlier this afternoon, the social media world was totally taken over by the news of the day, the election of our new Holy Father, His Holiness Francis. There is a lot to learn about our new Holy Father, so I thought it would be fitting to share a few more papal resources that will help you navigate the coming days.

First off, not only is Fr. Robert Barron providing correspondance for NBC, but he is also posting video blogs to the Word on Fire website. A few notable things about his perspective includes his evangelical spirit – always seeking to teach while sharing the news and how well connected he is – in one blog post, it sounded like he had hung out with the majority of the super cool (non-Cardinal) Catholics in town at one dinner!

Second, on a non-Pontiff related note, while you’re checking out Word on Fire for news from Rome this week, stick around for a while and see what else they have to offer, such as Fr. Robert Barron’s weekly homily audio recordings. Also, they are producing an DVD to help teach about the New Evangelization, in the same style as their incredible Catholicism Series.

Third on the list of resources to share this week is certainly the most important one you could have access to during the pontificate of His Holiness Francis – the Vatican’s website. While things are in a bit of a transition over there right now, in the coming days we are likely to see a page like the one below created for our new Holy Father. You will be able to access it from the front page of the Vatican website, by hovering over the words “SUPREME PONTIFFS” and selecting his name.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 4.41.46 PM

From this one page, you will be able to read along with everything this great shepherd will say and write in the coming days, weeks, and (we hope) years and years to come. The Vatican website serves as a beautiful witness to the universality of this great Church, as speeches documents are regularly translated into at least five languages making the words and thoughts of our Holy Father accessible to a wide range of faithful.

As the media will have many things to tell us about this new leader of the Church, perhaps today is a good day to make a resolution to care relatively little about what they have to tell us about Pope Francis. Rather, let our new Pope tell you for himself what he is all about, especially as you now know exactly where to find the first hand source yourself.

(Congratulations to Wes for the win on last week’s Wanderer Wednesday Giveaway!)

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