I want to support LBH!

I Want To Support


Thanks for being interested in supporting Love Begins Here.

The first thing that you can do is offer up prayers for the young missionaries (over 300 strong in 2013), those we will serve and all of the adults who will be leading them on the mission field!

The second thing you could do is spread the word about LBH! Perhaps send someone to this very blog, our Facebook page, have them follow us on twitter or check out our video blogs. We are always excited to welcome new Middle and High School youth to the mission field to have a blast with us during the summer months!

Lastly, we would love it if you considered becoming a Shareholder in Love Begins Here 2013. Altogether, our Shareholders account for about 15% of the total operating cost for LBH each summer, which is about $8,000. Any donation – small or large – is greatly appreciated. Among the many benefits to becoming a shareholder are notes from missionaries during the summer and an invitation to the end of summer celebration (pictured below), where we take time to share about the successes of the summer with our supporters!

To become a Shareholder, click this link to download your paperwork or e-mail lbh@straphael.org for more information.


Shareholder Dinner

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