Wanderer Wednesday: Dolan Edition + A GIVEAWAY

Wanderer Wednesday

Welcome back to Wanderer Wednesday! Today we’re bringing a few recommendations from new evangelization master, Timothy Cardinal Dolan. He knows his people and loves his people. After all, look at how comfortable he is with reporters —

Cardinal Timothy Dolan laughs with reporters after holding a prayer serviceAbove all, he is a man who desires to conform his life with Christ’s and encourages others to do the same. One way he does this is through his twitter feed — @CardinalDolan. He knows how to use 140 characters up well, with tweets like the following:

“Our relationship with the Lord: to nourish it, develop it, intensify it is the goal of a lifetime.”

Another recommendation, especially pertinent to the next few weeks, is the SiriusXM radio channel (The Catholic Channel) where he is giving daily interviews on the goings on at the General Congregations, as the Cardinals prepare for the Conclave. Listening in every day for a few minutes will be time well spent in understanding what is happening and why. Yesterday’s interview covered the question of why the Cardinal’s have not yet decided on an official date to start said Conclave.

Called To Be Holy

The last recommendation today of Cardinal Dolan’s is his book Called To Be Holy. (Yes, it is best read with a cup of coffee drank out of an equestrian themed mug.) This book is a rendition of the first section of his great book Priests for the Third Millenium. Simple, straight forward, spiritually challenging and full of anecdotes is how this great man prefers to deliver his message. With topics such as faith, hope, humility, love and chastity, human formation, patience, penance, joy, obedience and devotion to Our Lady, there is something for everyone who is seeking holiness. (Read: there is something in this book you probably need to hear.)

An example of the great words included in this book, as found in the chapter on hope —

You see, a vibrant hope is contagious and will attract people. Its fruits are calmness, cheerfulness, tranquility, a good sense of humor, freedom from anxiety — and these traits people find very attractive. So, people can be attracted to Jesus and his Church through her hopeful members. This is not some Pollyannish, cheerleading, shallow optimism. This is   a realistic sturdy trust in God based on deep faith, born in experience, and bolstered by reason.

You may understand why “spiritually challenging” was one of the phrases chosen to describe his style. Living the Christian life is not the easiest task minute to minute, day to day, but it is what we are called to do. This book, appropriately enough, is a fitting field map when we want to actively, ardently pursue our call to holiness.

Head over to Amazon and pick up a copy for yourself.

Better yet, leave a comment on this post with an idea of a topic you would like to see covered on a future Wanderer Wednesday post, and you will be entered to win a copy of this very book.

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy wandering less aimlessly today!

NOTE: Giveaway will be open until Sunday, March 10th at 11:59pm CST!

5 thoughts on “Wanderer Wednesday: Dolan Edition + A GIVEAWAY

  1. What a great give-away! I would love to see a post on the beauty of modesty–not just at Mass, but as a practice…Modesty in dress, in speech, and in behavior. How can modesty in the way we dress be achieved without being “frumpy” or plain/boring? How can modesty be accomplished in our speech and behavior without seeming too prideful, judgmental or “holier-than-thou”? These are things I talk with my teenagers about. 🙂

  2. i bet there is wonderful wisdom in this to share with the youth – excited to plan a night of sharing about this with our CYC youth group.

  3. I really like Cardinal Dolan’s writing. Good choice! I still can’t seem to find a more basic and accessible yet profoundly spiritually challenging work than Fr. Heilman’s “Church Militant Field Manual”. The practical application is all there! Cardinal Burke’s “Divine Love Made Flesh” follow this vein as well.

  4. I love this!

    I am not sure what type of topic you are on the look out for, but I have been wanting to know more about the Scapular; for a broader focus maybe Rosaries, Scapulars, and Chaplets.

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