Keeping Up With The Conclave

And, we’re back. This winter has been one of the busiest yet for Madison Catholic Youth, with rEVOLution of Love, March for Life, Frassati Fest and Planning Day all in the span of less than a month. Follow up the events of the past month with a rockin’ Benefit Dinner for our beloved Diocesan summer camp, which the primary editor of these pages chaired, and you have found an explanation for the silence on this blog.

In the coming days and weeks, things hardly promise to slow down with the launch of the Love Begins Here registration in the coming days and the events surrounding the election of our next Holy Father. However, there will be a renewed commitment to this very blog in the weeks to come, in order to help you navigate the news, events and goings on of the time.

To begin, today marks the first day of a new effort on the blog, suggested by the incredible Jess Davis, youth minister out in Sun Prairie at Sacred Hearts. There’s a lot out there in the world to read and take in for those of us who either love the Church and/or work for the Church. How do you know which books to pick up, blogs to read, twitter accounts to follow and Facebook pages to like without feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the decisions alone?

Here comes the help. Every week, right here on the blog, we will present Wanderer Wednesday, where we will highlight books, blogs and other social media sites to help you not wander aimlessly when searching for the best Catholic resources online and in print.

Wanderer Wednesday

Today’s Wanderer Wednesday is going to feature my favorite of each media site I will be using in the next month to follow the conclave and events leading up to the election of our new Holy Father.

First off, as a bonus, check out this great video from Lifeteen paying tribute to Pope Benedict XVI and his great love of the youth. (Thanks to Jenna Keller for the sharing of this one!) The past eight years have certainly been blessed for the young Church.

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 11.43.40 AM

A Favorite BlogWhispers In The Loggia
Rocco Palmo, a young adult from Philadelphia, has been breaking news to the Church throughout the world for years. At times like these, he is gifted at providing a bit of commentary on the latest, while including the full texts of the most recent speeches, homilies and news items. While the Vatican’s news page was down the morning of February 11th due to heavy traffic, when Pope Benedict XVI announced his decision, readers (like me) were able to visit Whispers for the full text without any problems. Rocco’s twitter feed is good to follow, as well.

This Handy Facebook
The most current of Catholic news is always shared through this Facebook page, but I think the greatest service it provides are beautiful photographs of the latest universal Church events. A bonus is that they are easily sharable for your friends, so you can take part in the new evangelization with ease.

The Pope’s TwitterPontifex
While this Twitter is going to lay dormant during the conclave, during this time of sede vacante, the beat on the street is that the Pope will tweet one last time before his resignation tomorrow. And, it will be exciting to see how quickly our new Holy Father embraces his Twitter feed.

Reliable Secular NewsNBC + Fr. Robert Barron
Master of the new evangelization and the mind behind the Catholicism series, Fr. Robert Barron, has signed on with NBC to cover the news for their networks over the coming weeks. Fr. Barron is gifted at sharing the truth of the Church with the world, and I think it will be worthwhile to tune in and listen to his coverage.

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 11.48.17 AM

Streaming Catholic NewsEWTN
Anyone with cable will be able to tune into EWTN to catch the live coverage of the Pope leaving the Vatican, the events of the conclave and the eventual outpouring of the white smoke from the roof of the Sistine Chapel. In theory anyone with a steady internet connection should be able to tune in, as well (via their website linked above); though, it seems like their server may not be able to handle their own popularity very well. Hopefully in the coming days they will increase their bandwidth and live streaming will be more widely available.

As with many things Catholic in the world, the news is often provided by means of support from the faithful. Perhaps consider in the coming weeks, how you can prayerfully and financially support those news outlets you frequent most, be it Rocco, EWTN or your local Parish and holy priests!

Hopefully this was a good kick off of Madison Catholic Youth’s Wanderer Wednesday. Check back on future Wednesdays for more resources, so you can stay in the know without spending too much time wandering on your own!

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