Planning day has arrived!

Note: This post will make full sense come Monday, February 11th. We decided to post it a day early in order to have the right links ready to go for the e-mail in the morning!

Welcome to this year’s St. John Bosco Planning Day! We are happy you are here. Below is a link to the CoverItLive event, where you can see the play by play of the day as it happens. Please follow along when you are able. Also, you will be able to come back and read through this transcript whenever you would like.

If you let us know at any point today that you are reading along or participating from a distance, we will enter you in for a door prize —


Pretty cool items up for grabs this year, right? Feel free to join the conversation whenever you are able, ask questions and give your feedback.

No worries if you are not able to join in during the day. We will be sending along a follow up package in the mail to everyone who did not attend to gather information and give everyone a voice in the planning for the future of Madison Catholic Youth.

Click Here to join the Planning Day Session Online!

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