How are you doing? What’s new?

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Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Chances are you are going to find yourself socializing with family and friends quite a bit over the next couple of days. If your life is anything like mine, you will find yourself chatting with old acquaintances and family members you have not seen or caught up with for the better part of a year. Then come the questions: What’s new? How have you been? Is anything exciting happening in your life?

How do you capture how wonderful, yet routine and normal your life seems to be in the matter of a couple minutes over Christmas dinner?

As a little pre-Christmas gift, I have an idea of how this conversation could go for you —

Introduction Lines:
These last few months have been really great. I have been growing in my faith a lot through the Year of Faith that Pope Benedict called for starting this past October. One thing I’ve been doing lately is (pick one: reading Scripture more | attending Mass more regularly | diving into the study of my faith | thinking about a new year’s resolution to make that will help me grow in holiness.)

Meaty Subject Matter:
One great thing the Diocese of Madison (where I’m blessed to call home) has been doing for this Year of Faith is making films to help the faithful better understand what this journey of faith is all about. They are really beautiful, professional and inspiring. It’s great to be a part of the Church who knows the importance of using new media and wants to reach out to all Catholics and others through the internet, even if they don’t always come to Church.

— Actually, the Christmas video just came out. It shows the story of a great couple and their young family. I think you would love it. Let me show it to you. It’s really quick.

Have a computer, tablet or smart phone ready. Cue up the following.

Next Move:
Isn’t that beautiful? It has really reminded me to not let Christmas just be about these wonderful gatherings with families and friends, eating good food and giving gifts. It really is about our faith and that great event so many years ago when Jesus entered the world.

— So, yeah, that’s what’s new with me. What about you? 

Okay, you may not do exactly that. However, how could it hurt? Our families are stuck with us; it may not hurt to share who we really are and what is so important about this holiday to us. And really, these Year of Faith videos can show a new dimension of the Church to some who are under the impression that we Catholics are stuck in the dark ages.

In case you want to forget you ever read this and plan to never have that conversation over Christmas dinner, perhaps consider one of the following suggestions on how to share this video —

One: Follow the Madison Diocese on Twitter and RT (retweet that film)!
Two: Like the Madison Diocese of Facebook and share the film.
Three: Do numbers 1 and 2 throughout the real Christmas season — all the way into the new yea.r
Four: Send an e-mail to friends from your Parish, fallen away family members or co-workers to with them a merry Christmas, while passing along the link to the video.
Five: Watch it a couple times for yourself, preferably with your favorite warm beverage in your hands.

Make the most of those suggestions. We are entering some of the most incredible days of the year — enjoy the celebrations, the prayer and remembering the real reason for this season.

To my co-workers in the Diocese and all others who stumble across this post, I wish you a very blessed Christmas. You are in my prayers.
– Lindsay

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