Cardinal Virtue Spotlight

Cardinal Virtue

Draco is about to set in, which makes this a providential time for such an exciting blog post. Our guess here at Madison Catholic Youth is that we will have a good number of blog readers tonight and tomorrow due to the blizzard passing through the Madison Diocese and most of the schools being closed in the area. To our new readers – especially those from Middleton High School – welcome! We’re glad to have you. Make sure to come back often to this blog for other sweet posts.

Today on Madison Catholic Youth, we are happy to be spotlighting a new apostolate called Cardinal Virtue. This great outreach to the youth of Middleton High School is a collaboration between the High School Youth Ministry programs at St. Bernard in Middleton, St. Francis in Cross Plains, St. Peter in Ashton and St. Martin in Martinsville, as well as their respective Coordinators of HS Formation. Their goal is to reach out as a group of Parishes to all students, especially those who are Catholic and invite them into a fuller participation in the life of the Church with their peers within their High School.

One thing they have begun is providing breakfast after 8:15am Mass on B-Days (approximately every 4 days) at the High School, when the school day’s start is delayed until 9:45am. Check out some of the sights in this little trailer — featuring 15 young people who came out for Mass and Bernie’s Breakfast!

They are also getting ready to launch their monthly large group sessions. Check out two MHS Seniors talking about their first event which will be happening on January 17th.

While this event is sponsored by Cardinal Virtue, they are welcoming High School Youth from around the Diocese to this event. If young people are not a part of one of the Parishes listed above, there will be a $5 cover charge. A bunch of other great information can be found on Cardinal Virtue’s blog, facebook and twitter. Stay connected with them for the latest and greatest.

After their large group meetings kick off, they will be expanding into small group, Bible Study discussions and more outreach events to help the students at Middleton High School stay connected to the Church and grow in their faith. Go ahead and offer up some prayers during this next month for the success of this incredible apostolate! It is such a beautiful example of Parishes collaborating together, reading the signs of the times and meeting the needs of their young people — all in all, a perfect witness in the midst of this Year of Faith. Praise God for Doug, Kevin and Michelle who took the initiative to begin this work and for their Pastors enthusiastic cooperation!

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