LBH2013 Schedule

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Is it summer yet? Well, that’s a silly question. We know that there is the possibility of a foot of snow or so being dumped all over Southern Wisconsin on Thursday. (Yes, a potential snow day before Christmas break. How fun?)

As the flakes begin to fall, you may not find yourself immersed in making summer plans, but perhaps you should start. Right here on the blog, this December 17th, we are making the 2013 LOVE BEGINS HERE Schedule official. Go ahead and take a gander. Then mark your calendars. And, get excited. (<< Click that link. You are in for a treat.)

High School Trips
June 16 – 21
June 23 – 28
July 7 – 12
July 14 – 19

Middle School Dates
June 24 – 27
June 30 – July 3
July 8 – 11

Notice anything crazy here?

Yep. It is true.

We’re going to run a couple DOUBLE weeks this summer. Two Middle School + High School LBH trips will be happening at the same time. They are going to be hosted at Parishes in a couple small towns near one another. In case you’re wondering, there is not be a lot of overlap among the two groups, other than seeing each other at Mass once in a while or potentially having Confessions offered in the same location on the same night. But we will be praying for each other, working in the same communities and perhaps happening to run into each other at Culver’s stops.

This also means LBH is growing again, especially in our capacity to serve Middle School students. All weeks this summer are going to be limited to 45 young people in each trip, allowing us to serve up to 135 Middle School students and 180 High School students. Praise God for the growth (over 10% from last summer to this summer and a 460% growth since founding in 2009) and sending the Holy Spirit down upon this apostolate.

Check back tomorrow on the blog for a sneak peak of what our incredible promo items are going to look like this summer!

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