Frassati Fest – Get online!

(Before we get going, Happy All Saints/All Souls! Today is a fitting time for this blog post.)

It’s time.

A whole slew of Frassati Fest materials are online. Check them out at this link!

On that page, notice a number of things have been posted, like the Info SheetInterest Forms and Waivers.

Recall that we have some BIG goals this year for our numbers. Your help in publicizing will only help increase the awesomeness of this fest!

No matter how many registrations we receive the registration fee will include the following items:
– Saturday Lunch and Dinner
– Keynote Speaker, Great Workshops and the presence of the Camp Gray Staff

If we reach 200 attendees,
– the registration price will include TSHIRTS! (If we do not hit this number, we will sell them for $5 each.)

If we reach 230 attendees,
– we will provide you with continental breakfast in your hotel rooms. (If we do not hit this number, your Parish will be responsible for it.)

If we reach 260+ attendees,
– the Saturday night party will become more epic than ever, including but not limited to an ice cream social, legit traveling photo booth and more!

If we top 300, who knows what’s to come. We can hope, right?

Also, take note that the Resurrection Rally facebook page has officially transitioned to being the Frassati Fest facebook page. One other social media note: the official hashtag of the event is #frassatifest. Tweet away!

And a number of things are yet to be posted, like your promo video and a few more publicity resources. Watch the blog for the release of the promo video on Tuesday, just in time for catechism classes the next few weeks before Thanksgiving.

And, as a little bonus to those of you who stumbled upon this blog post, why not celebrate the release of these materials with a GIVEAWAY? To participate, leave a comment with one reason why you’re super jazzed and excited for Frassati Fest this year. The winner will receive a voucher for $25 in free merchandise at Frassati Fest. (Rest assured, we have incredible plans in store for our merch tables!)

This GIVEAWAY is open to youth + youth ministers, DREs and friends. It will close on Tuesday, November 6th at 11:59PM CST! The GIVEAWAY is now officially closed!

Congratulations to Maggie L. who is the winner of $25 towards FF merch! Can’t wait to see you in February.

9 thoughts on “Frassati Fest – Get online!

  1. I’m SUPER jazzed for Frassati Fest 2013 and hanging out with efficaciously awesome catholic youth in the area! (:

  2. I am super jazzed for many things about Frassati Fest – but superest jazziested to ask our friend Bl. Pier Giorgio for his intercession in our mission to Love Through the Fight!

  3. I am super jazzed to be all full of holiness have my soul changed through the sacraments. I am jazzed to meet and reunited with so many beautiful people, and most of all I AM SO JAZZED TO SHOW EVERYONE HOW WONDERFUL BLESSED PIER GIORGIO FRASSATI IS!

  4. I’m super jazzed for Frassati Fest for countless reasons, but I’m most excited for meeting new awesome Catholic friends!

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