UNVEILED: How to register? + Schedules

We’ve gotten a few questions on how to go about registering for Unveiled. Hopefully this little post and the explanation will be of great benefit to you.

A small suggestion: Go ahead and read through all of these steps first, and then use the links to help you with each step of the process.

Step One:
Visit the Unveiled Registration Page on the Diocesan Website.

Step Two (Individual Registrations):
E-mail Lindsay to let her know that you will be sending young people on the retreat. Include the names of who the chaperones are or if you will need help getting hooked up with a chaperone. Chaperones do need to go through the registration process too!

Step Two (Parish Group Registrations):
[Request a Google Doc if you haven’t yet.] Fill in your registration info on your Google Doc.

Step Three:
Print off an initial registration form and your waivers – Middle School and/or High School.

Step Four:
Fill them out and mail them in. Make checks payable to Diocese of Madison – OEC. It would be great to get all the forms in a week before the retreat begins!

That’s it!
Easy right? That’s the hope.

If you still have questions, post a comment, e-mail lindsay.becher@straphael.org, or or give a call to Lindsay (608.821.4544).

A bunch more information is found on the Unveiled Page on the Diocesan Website, so make sure to check it out and read all about it. One small bit of information that’s not posted there yet are the schedules. However, you’re in luck — as we’re unveiling them on the blog today. Enjoy the sneak peek into this incredible, prayerful and fun retreat.

Middle School:

High School:

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