Year of Faith: The Beginning

Have you seen the first in a series of films made especially by Backflip Films for the Diocese of Madison for this Year of Faith? We think it’s pretty incredible. Please watch.

The reasons we ended up making this film are quite plentiful. For some of them, you could read the article about them in the Catholic Herald this past week. Also, have you heard that this week a study came out that one in five Americans do not claim a religious affiliation? That number rises to one in three if you look at just those Americans under the age of 30.

With that said, we essentially want to welcome people back to the Church, help the faithful in the Church desire to deepen their faith and remind everyone that beauty can lead us to know and love God more — all in a super good-looking, professional, beautiful online format that is really easy to share with friends on facebook, e-mail to family members or tweet about.

As a little challenge during these opening days of the Year of Faith, think of someone who you can share this video with in the coming week. Perhaps you could share it with someone from outside of the Madison Diocese or a fallen away friend or family member. This video would also be great to use with your Bible Study group or as you begin your faith formation classes this week. If you are interested in using it as a teaching tool or with a small group, check out the general film guide or high school film guide created to use with the film. Copies of those film guides are also available in B&W on the Diocese of Madison Year of Faith website.

A few resources I would suggest you knowing about as this year begins:
– Daily e-mails from Flocknote to help you read the Catechism during the Year of Faith.
– The Madison Diocese website page for the Year of Faith.
– Daily Year of Faith Companion from Magnificat.
Prayer used at the Second Vatican Council. (This website is also a stellar resource!)

Much more to come in the weeks and months to come! Enjoy sharing the film and checking out all of these great resources.

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