March for Life: Sign up today!

Today is the perfect day to sign up for the March for Life pilgrimage offered to the High School Youth of the Madison Diocese, as well as ALL of the adults! There are going to be two buses heading out to Washington DC from the Madison Diocese to take part in the March for Life at our nation’s capitol, prayerfully standing up for the unborn on this 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Help us spread the word by passing this link along to your family and friends. This week, we have finalized plans with our bus company and hotel in Washington. It is exciting to note that we will be staying just three blocks away from the Capital building, in the heart of all the action. Apart from the March, this will make for easy touring of historical landmarks and other museums! Also, just this morning, we put in our request for tickets to the Youth Rally. This is going to be an incredible pilgrimage during this Year of Faith!

To get more information or to grab paperwork to complete your initial registration, please visit the Madison Diocese website. Have a question? Submit it in the comments below.

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