The Official HS1 Summary!

Hello dear Love Begins Here family,

We are so happy that you have stopped by to learn about the incredible happenings from High School Week 1 this summer! That week in Pine Bluff was truly something special, with 46 missionaries from throughout the Madison Diocese, accompanied by a stellar team of 14 chaperones and Core Team.
You may have seen that we crossed a milestone in LBH history during that week:


While we are incredibly proud of where Love Begins Here has come and look forward to bright future ahead, it was a humbling experience to watch these young missionaries live this day like any other. They worked hard, prayed hard, enjoyed life in community and spread the love of God to each person they met. Living the LBH lifestyle was routine – in the best of ways – as we reached this milestone and continued to pour out hour after hour of service the rest of the week in great simplicity.

As for the highlights of the week, they were varied, but a quick trip through the evaluations shows the following as the TOP 5 highlights:
1. Car Groups: We need to get from place to place, and it’s done on LBH via what we like to call Car Groups. (Great name, right?) The premise is simple. One adult. Four to six teens. Good jams. Great conversation. Become friends for life.
2. Service: This question on the evaluation asked where the teens had the most fun this week — this won the favor of the vast majority of students. Hopefully in their own homes, they are still enjoying service this much post-LBH.
3. Making New Friends: It’s hard not to on a week of LBH, and from what I hear, it sounds like these young people have probably made a number of true friendships that will last for years to come.
4. Deep Chats and Heart-to-Hearts: A solid dozen people said they truly enjoyed the time this week where they were able to get to know one another at a deeper level and talk about the important things in life, like relationships, vocations and the call to love.
5.1. Frozen Yogurt: A new shop opened in the area, and a number of car groups took advantage of this cool treat on hot days.
5.2. Hose Showers: Who knew that the pool being shut down would lend itself to this much good old fashion fun. Corey and Nicky held the hose. The young people took chilly hose showers in their swim gear. Laughter rang out for a solid hour as this happened.

All things considered, this was a group of joyful, caring, community oriented young people. They sure make the world and our Church a beautiful place.

This summer, we are debuting for the first time Mission Videos that have been created to help explain the mission and idea behind LBH to the loved ones of those who participate in the work. Here is the beauty from HS1. Sit back and enjoy.

If you have a chance, hop on over to our Facebook page to see more from the mission field and regular updates as the summer goes on. Thank you, as always, for your prayers, love and support for these young missionaries. They mean the world to us.Peace,


One thought on “The Official HS1 Summary!

  1. The youth participating in this program reveal the true love of God in Jesus Christ to a degree, and in a way, that I've rarely seen. I believe it is because of the hard work and dedication, the excellent formation in cultivating lives of prayer and holiness in these youth, and the surrender to Love in her own life, like St. Therese of Lisieux, revealed through Lindsay Becher and the core team serving with her. I am so thankful for how this apostolate is shaping the lives of youth in our diocese and would encourage any and all Catholic youth to participate.

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